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Girls in TheZone

Kars for Kids Programs – TheZone Camp

Kars for Kids is a charity that funds many education and recreational programs throughout the year. TheZone is a campus that serves as a center for many educational programs and a summer camp.

Back to School Anxiety – Get Those School Supplies Ready

School is about hard work to apply skills in our everyday life. We want to help reduce the “back to school anxiety” from our children as much as possible. Our children are our future generation of new doctors, lawyers, congressmen and senators, public servants for society both socially and economically.

Free t-shirt for a… fan?

A few weeks ago Nate, a blogger for one of our favorite websites, randomly tweeted his thoughts about our (in)famous radio jingle: need a shirt

Holiday Retreat

From the day that camp ends, TheZone campers wait for the day that they can get together with their friends and mentors again, in the

Happy Holiday Packages!

It’s the holiday season, and there is a festive feeling of cheer and goodwill in the air! At Kars4Kids we are doing our part to

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