Kars 4 Kids Winter Retreat 2012

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Kars 4 Kids hosted  a weekend retreat for children who are in our programs. The annual weekend is hosted on our luxurious campgrounds in a beautiful mountain setting in upstate NY. it is a great opportunity for kids and their mentors to connect in a relaxing, stress-free environment.

The great atmosphere, fun activities, and spare time for bonding, are all instrumental in building up a child’s self esteem and in boosting their morale.

Included are some pictures from this year’s weekend.

The campus was full once again with hundreds of smiling, happy faces. The campus looked a bit different with snow in place of sunshine, but the energy and excitement that characterizes every event was the same.



Click here to see more pictures of the weekend on Kars 4 kids Facebook Page or on Kars4kids Flickr

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Kars For Kids funds educational, developmental, and recreational programs for Jewish youth and their families. Our goal is to foster a generation of well-balanced, productive adults. Our means to accomplish this goal is to provide children and their families with a strong network of personal guidance and educational resources, individualized to their needs.

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