Kars 4 Kids and The FoodBank: Nourishing Hungry Children

You know those mornings. You wake up late, rush to work without breakfast and then get stuck in a business meeting that drags on for far too long. That feeling of trying to concentrate on the matter at hand but getting distracted by the growling emanating from your cavernously empty stomach. All you can think of at that moment is food.

Education is our thing but we understand that in order for kids to learn properly, they need to be well-nourished. That’s why we recently partnered with the FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, which serves over 260 pantries, soup kitchens and other feeding programs. On Thursday, Kars 4 Kids’ truck pulled up to the Jersey Shore food bank with seven pallets of energy drinks, some 12,000 bottles.

Children are a core part of The FoodBank’s charity recipients, with nutritious meals distributed to after-school programs, youth shelters and daycare centers. The FoodBank’s Backpack Program feeds chronically hungry school children from seven Monmouth and Ocean County schools by providing them with a backpack of nutritious foods to take home on weekends and school vacations, when they do not receive school lunch, often their only full meal in the day.

With their tummies full of nutritious, wholesome food, these children will be able to focus on their schoolwork properly and achieve academic success. Amen to that.

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