Today kars4kids had 4 guests from Google’s search department. They focus on non-profits and are based in Michigan and came down to learn more about us.

They all have prior volunteer experience either teaching in inner-city schools or third-world countries and were very impressed with our outreach model – how we work with the school, kids and the family.

In particular they were amazed how we do everything in-house from beginning to end- the marketing, radio,mailings, web design, online marketing, graphics, call center, own network of towers, assigning and bid approval etc.. and all commented how we seem to have a full knowledge of everything and do it better than others.

They also were very interested about our on-site daycare and the number of kids we have there and asked the online team to send them pictures of their kids to hang on their whiteboard. We told them to make sure to clear a whole wall… 🙂




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