GlamourGals Wins Charity Moment

Kars4Kids is proud to announce Nikita S. and the GlamourGals Foundation as this week’s winner of the Charity Moment contest! Nikita is an active volunteer for GlamourGals, a nonprofit organization that inspires teenagers to provide companionship and love to elderly people in nursing homes by giving them complimentary makeovers.

With over 65 chapters and 1,400 volunteers, GlamourGals visits nursing homes in 14 states, armed with smiles, love and cosmetics. The makeovers are a fun way to bridge the generational gap between the young volunteers and elderly nursing home residents. Both the teens and the seniors enjoy and benefit from the experience.

This inspirational organization, founded and led by Rachel Doyle, was recently honored by the New York Yankees through HOPE Week, the Yankees’ annual community program that Helps Others Persevere and Excel.

As Charity Moment winners, Nikita and the GlamourGals’ story will be heard on Kars4Kids’ radio spot this week on CBS stations nationwide.

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