Flu Prevention at the Kars4Kids Daycare

With this winter quickly turning into the worst flu season in recent memory, flu prevention is becoming a high priority. As young children are among those at highest risk of the flu, daycares and other child care providers are scrambling for effective ways to prevent a flu outbreak in their facilities.

Here at Kars4Kids, we have a fully licensed onsite daycare for our employees’ children, with expert child care providers on staff. They’ve been so kind as to share some tips on how to curb the flu in a daycare setting. Needless to say, that’s not an easy job with dozens of babies and toddlers to care for.

1. First off, the Kars4Kids daycare insists that every teacher and every child must be vaccinated with the flu shot. This policy is strictly enforced and is an absolute prerequisite to a healthy, disease-free daycare environment.

2. Gloves for diaper changes. This is a practice that the daycare follows year-round, but which is even more important during flu season.

3. Lots of Lysol wipes! Containers of disinfecting and sanitizing wipes abound in the Kars4Kids daycare and the teachers make liberal use of them. It’s impossible to keep toys and surfaces sterile without them.

4. And of course, lots of hand washing- with soap. There are even cute signs hanging in all the bathrooms with the “rules of hand washing” like “How long should I wash my hands? As long as it takes to sing the ABCs!”

Do you know of any other measures that daycare professionals can take to prevent the spread of the flu? Let us know in the comments section!





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