Ending the Year with a Bang: The 2020 Kars4Kids Car Trivia Quiz

Can't travel? Might as well have fun. End your year with a bang by taking the 2020 Kars4Kids Car Trivia Quiz. For all car trivia enthusiasts.
the 2020 kars4kids car trivia quiz
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2020 was a year unlike no other, with challenges galore. The pandemic, for instance, left us bored, broke, sick, grieving, and uneducated. But there was a silver lining: we learned how to amuse ourselves on the ‘net! Which is how we came to create this 2020 Kars4Kids Car Trivia Quiz. We figured with so many stuck at home for the holidays, a quiz that tests your car trivia knowledge might well be appreciated.

See how many of these Kars4Kids car trivia quiz questions you get right! Then test your friends and family members to see how the competition stacks up against you.

The 2020 Kars4Kids Car Trivia Quiz

Which animal is on the Porsche logo?
What was the first Japanese car to be manufactured in the United States?
Which car sold over one million units in 1965, setting a record still unbeaten?
What was the first car to break the sound barrier?
In what year was the Corvette first introduced?
Which was the first car to be mass-produced?
Which car was launched into space?
Cruise control was invented by _____.
What was the price of the first Ford Mustang?
Which car is considered to be the first “pony car?”

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