Eager Parents Attempt To Donate Their Kids

Here are some comments that were filled out on the donate form on kids4kars.org :


capernicusss My son Mason loves coloring Ninja Turtles, eating Cheerios and picking his nose…O and he‘s trained in the deadly art of Mandarian Chinese Kung-Fu and he has ADHD…good luck
Tina wants a personal ATM machine!
Jason Her ability to stay up all night long!
Alex Has a tendency to inhale his food and 5 minutes later complains that he is hungry.  Bottomless pit will help keep garbage waste levels down
Jack He is nuts
Beelzebub Her voice–really shakes up your spinal cord.
Matt Awesome.
Rameses He has a lot to say all the time and does his part tearing up the place as his mom cleans right behind them. He is number 1!
mike My kid sits on his butt all day and just lets them all rip
Julia My daughter has her moments of awesomeness, but basically I just need to sleep and work and not have someone follow me around the house all day, so I‘m just donating her for someone else to enjoy. She still has a ton of mileage left.
Joel He is a wonderful little boy!
Jeremiah He is a good cook
Lazarus Wears a mask and flies through the air to defeat villainous types.  All while thinking im sleeping.  How can I sleep knowing my child is a vigilante?!?
Take Take him away ASAP. Please even tho its an april fools day prank.
Andrew He is too smart for his own good…we love him, but why am I always wrong?!?!
Chris Omg, I love this charity!
Maya Never eats what Mom cooks
Emily She bites like hell. Will not stop. She bites me, kids on the playground. I spank her, talk to her, nothing works. She also likes to poop in random places. Last week she pooped in Kmart… IN KMART. Please. Save. Me.
Dovid *He is all yours now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
christian Likes to climb tables and beats up cats
Merak Super dooper weird
Kate My kid is so incredibly non-special that she transcends normality and becomes incredibly, uniquely boring.
Bobby He eats his own toenails.
Joshua My kid can make anyone laugh.
Saumya Jain Most jailtime in respect to age
Nannie My kid can eat their boogers.
James So dum I want him out



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