Don’t be an April Fool: Donate your car today!

Yesterday’s National Post article about Motordale, a car cemetery in Canada, got us thinking. First about how gullible we are. I mean, it was posted on April 1st. 

But then we did some serious thinking. People really do get very attached to their cars. So much so that the idea of paying thousands of dollars to bury an old clunker in style is actually believable. Slightly ludicrous, but believable.

So to car lovers everywhere, we have this message:                                         

Don’t give up on your well-loved, well-used vehicle. Give that old beauty a new life by donating it to Kars4Kids. Spare yourself hefty funeral costs. Your car deserves more than a burial. At Kars4Kids, your car will live forever.

And we ain’t kidding. Call 1-877-Kars4kids for more information on giving your car the gift of immortality.

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