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facebook contestWe are proud to announce the first winner of our exciting new Facebook contest, Charity Moment! Let’s hear it for Vera C., a true charity champion!

The Charity Moment contest is Kars4Kids’ way of promoting acts of kindness throughout the country. Anyone can join by simply submitting their good deed on the Kars4kids Facebook page. You can also view and vote for other entries there. Each week’s winner’s charity moment will be played on CBS radio stations nationwide.

Listen out for Vera’s charity moment this week:

“So, I was driving to work in March, and while listening to WZLX, I heard an advertisement for Buzz for Kids! Shaving your head in support of Pediatric Cancer. I immediately thought this was a cool idea – I always wanted to shave my head, been on my bucket list for some time, but as a female, people thought I was crazy. I then realized that I had two good friends that had to deal with pediatric cancer in their lives. One with a child and one with a grandchild. I then realized that this charity was for me. I cannot wait to shave my head on June 3rd in support of such a great cause.”

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Kars For Kids funds educational, developmental, and recreational programs for Jewish youth and their families. Our goal is to foster a generation of well-balanced, productive adults. Our means to accomplish this goal is to provide children and their families with a strong network of personal guidance and educational resources, individualized to their needs.

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  1. Vera!Thanks for sharing with us your beautiful thoughts and your beautiful gift! may god always bless you with only the best things in life,and may god speedily heal those 2 sricken cancer children together with all the other stricten children! Please let us know when those children are god willing

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