Meet The Team: Rivky K.

Even though Rivky has only been working at Kars4Kids for three weeks, she is already an integral part of the Kars4Kids team. As a creative marketer, Rivky’s endless energy and constant generation of new and exciting ideas, keeps the marketing department new fresh with some great new projects already underway. We interviewed Rivky so we […]

Another School Year Off to a Successful Start

With back to school season recently under way, Kars4Kids has been very busy preparing for what will be another successful school year for all our kids. While we were sad to say goodbye to all our campers at TheZone at the end of the summer, we were excited to give all the kids in our […]

Employee Appreciation Day At Kars4Kids

Everyone understands how important appreciation is. Whether its an employee, child, friend, or co-worker, letting others know how thankful we are for them goes a long way. You can make someone’s day with a simple smile and thank you for their work/friendship/etc. and no one understands this any better than Kars4Kids. While it wasn’t officially […]

When a Donation Comes Full Circle

Not often does a donor get to see exactly where their donated vehicle goes, or how the proceeds from their vehicle help our kids. Yes, we share news and updates, but usually the donors don’t get the chance to meet the kids they help face to face. One lucky donor was able to do just […]

Visiting Day at TheZone

TheZone is Kars4Kids summer camp, which proudly boasts itself as “more than just a camp.” Located in upstate New York, its two sprawling campuses for boys and girls include all the amenities for the summer of a lifetime. The gorgeous mountain views, sparkling lake, zipline, bumper boats, horseback riding, petting zoo, and sports arenas all […]

Meet the K4K Team: Chaya

Meet Chaya, an operations specialist at Kars4Kids. Part of the Kars4Kids Meet the Team series.