A Donation From One Great Nonprofit to Another

      How often is one nonprofit able to help another nonprofit organization? Don Thompson, director of operations at Commissionaires Hamilton, a not for profit security company based in Ontario, Canada, was looking to say farewell to Betsy, the last member of a fleet of vehicles that had served the organization faithfully for nearly […]

Enter the Kars4Kids Bike Giveaway and Hit the Road to Physical Fitness

School-aged children may be pulling A’s and B’s on their academic report cards, but, according to 2018 U.S. Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth, developed by the National Physical Activity Plan,  most U.S. kids are getting C’s and D’s when it comes to physical activity and

Dial Down the Noise to Improve Children’s Ability to Learn

Noise. It’s everywhere. The roar of traffic pours down the street. Cellphones ping announcing the arrival of texts. Music wafts out of unseen speakers in stores and elevators. Televisions blare in doctors’ offices and medical buildings.   Here at Kars4Kids,  the tap-tap-tap of keyboards continues throughout t

Thank Your Mentor Day

It has been an exciting month, but with Thank Your Mentor Day,  National Mentoring Month comes to a close.  Throughout the month, we have seen many examples of mentors transmitting their passion for mentoring to their mente

Finding a Mentor: Do’s and Don’t’s

  It’s mid-way through National Mentoring Month and, by now, you are surely convinced that finding a mentor will help you become a better person and a more successful student or professiona

A Look at Famous Mentors and their Mentees

Every week, Kars4Kids supports adults and teens who mentor other adults, teens or younger children.  Our sister organization, Oorah, also provides many opportunities for young adults to act as role models and mentor teens. The beauty of mentoring is everyone benefits

The Humbling Experience of Mentoring

To celebrate  I Am a Mentor Day, we’re going to meet Yaakov and Asher, who may not look like typical mentors. They don’t have gray beards. They do not wear $5,000 suits. They are not CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. What they do have is a passion for helping younger boys on the cusp of adult

Kars4Kids Spreads the Warmth By Giving Coats to Kids

More than 400 years ago, Shakespeare observed, “clothes make the man.”  Today, we might say, “dress for success.” However you say it, most of us sense that wearing a sharp suit to a job interview boosts our confidence and increases our chances of getting that job. The impact of clothing on children is