“My First Car Cost $40 . . .”

My first car pimply boy behind wheel

“My first car was an old beater that cost me $40,” said one silver-haired dinner party guest to another, seated directly across from him at the table. “The guy who sold it to me was just happy to offload that piece of junk, but I loved that car to death. Spent every waking moment of […]

Cupholders Prospective: Car Buyers REALLY Want Them

car cupholders with frappe

Cupholders are apparently something we really NEED in our cars. It’s one of the options prospective new car buyers look for: enough cupholders that are also the right fit for your favorite beverages. Cupholders are so important to car consumers, that they trump in-car air fragrance systems, gaming systems, heated seats, massaging seats, and autonomous […]

Stranded by the Road: Who Will Stop and Help?

man stranded by the roadside gestures hood up

How likely are you to stop and help a driver stranded by the side of the road with car trouble? The answer has a lot to do with where you live. Residents of some states are far more likely to drive past a driver in distress those in others. But there are other reasons you […]

Goodbye: A Primer on How to Say Bye to your Car

goodbye as tow truck takes car away

Some fond car owners find a goodbye party or a ritual helps ease strong feelings that come with saying adieu—feelings that may take you by surprise—after all, a car is not a person, even if you have named it.