An adult facility had just upgraded to a new courtesy shuttle bus and was looking to donate their current bus which was still in good condition.the program director who had heard about one of kars4kids programs gave us a call to see if we would take it.of course I said yes and was actually pretty excited as it’s not every day that we get a bus that can be used by one of our programs , then she says “wait..there is one problem” and I was like oh-no don’t tell me it needs like thousands in repairs or doesn’t pass inspection. She burst out laughing “ no, it’s actually in good running condition , just it’s painted blue so I don’t know if a children’s program would want it”.after I assured her that it’s not a problem I arranged for one our volunteers to pick up the bus. Now here’s the amazing part-I called Dan,the director of a youth program to offer them the bus , and casually mentioned that it’s painted blue . Dan was ecstatic and proceeds to tell me how the all their vehicles are painted blue as that is their official color and they would’ve had to paint it blue anyway. AMAZING!!!! –a win-win- the donors get a tax write off and the kids get a bus custom painted in their color.
Coincidence?…maybe but amazing things sure do happen frequently here at kars4kids

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