A Day in TheZone

This past Tuesday July 10th elected officials, local emergency service representatives, and a local reporter, gathered at TheZone camp for girls in Gilboa NY to experience first hand the amazing spirit and atmosphere created by an amazing organization.

Oorah is one of the recipients of Kars4Kids funding, and their summer camp is one of their amazing programs.

All participants were extremely impressed by the buzz in the air, the smiles on everyone’s faces, and the excitement and energy around every corner.

The local reporter, Erika Eklund, was impressed with the incredible amount of activities available at TheZone. From “swimming, horseback riding, jumping on the trampoline, trying out the new bumper boats or just taking a trip down the newly installed zip line, every corner of the camp is filled with opportunities to make the most of an annual trip to summer camp in the Catskills.” Read her full article about Oorah’s camp TheZone.

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