The Secret of Virality

By Rina Gestetner

I used to ponder the magic formula that makes a video go viral. Is it the title of the video, or the content? Do people like funny, ironic, or inspiring? Is it just a matter of chance, or does it take trial and error? I never thought I’d get the chance to see it happen…

A short while ago, my team and I sat in the conference room at the Kars4Kids office, brainstorming for a way to promote our Safety App which reminds parents not to forget their kids in the car. A host of ideas were brought to the table, as it always happens when the team gets together. Many cups of coffee later, a new idea took root and we scrapped all of our former “epiphanies”: What if we were to host a social experiment that put the adult in the shoes of the child who’s locked in that hot car? And so was born our viral video.

Our app developers got to work perfecting the app, making it as user-friendly as possible.

And as our app developers worked on the app, our web programmers built a beautiful webpage, designed to present the app and the video.viral video

And as our web designers built the webpage, our media team got to work on the video, choosing the perfect day, hiring a videographer, and dealing with the legal department (Darn you, legal!).

And as our media team worked on the video, our public relations team began outreaching to various news sites, informing them of the campaign and prepping them for the video’s release.

And when the app developers finished the app, the web programmers finished the page, the media team finished the video, and the public relations team finished their outreach, it was time to sit back and wait…

1.5 million views later, I no longer ponder the magic formula that makes a video go viral. I know what it takes, because I’ve seen it happen. It wasn’t the title, the content, the theme, or mere luck. It was a team working cohesively, each contributing their own set of talents and skills, setting everything in place just so – bringing you the Kars4Kids Hot Kar Challenge.



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